Ruplal House

Apr 17, 2013

rooplal house dhaka Ruplal House

Ruplal House is a grand 19th century building or mansion in Old Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was erected jointly by two Hindu affluent merchant brothers named Ruplal Das and Raghunath, sons of Swarup Chandra, on the northern bank of Buriganga overlooking a riverfront promenade along the buckland bund in the Farashganj district of old Dhaka. Continue reading »

Choto Katra

Dec 6, 2012

choto katra Choto Katra

Choto Katra (Small Katara) is one of the two Katras built during Mughal’s regime in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was constructed in 1663 by Subahdar Shaista Khan. Continue reading »

Lalbagh Fort

Sep 17, 2012

dhaka lalbagh fort Lalbagh Fort
Lalbagh Fort or Fort Aurangabad, an incomplete Mughal palace fortress at Dhaka on the river Buriganga in the southwestern part of the old city. The river has now gone further south and flows at quite a distance from the fort. D’Oily’s painting (1809-11) shows that more than half of this east-west oblong fortress touched the water of the river on its south and southwestern sides. Continue reading »

Dhaka Christian Cemetery

Oct 14, 2013

christian cemetery in dhaka Dhaka Christian Cemetery

The Christian Cemetery is situated at Wari, a district of Old Town in Dhaka. Continue reading »