Joy Kali Temple

Oct 6, 2013

joy kali Joy Kali Temple

The Temple of Joy Kali is situated between Thathari Bazar and Wari, on a road itself named after this temple, which is called 24 Joy Kali Temple street. Joy Kali Temple is a Hindu temple devoted to Goddess Kali Ma. Continue reading »

Noni Gopal Ghosh Milk Shop

May 29, 2013

Milk and Malai Noni Gopal Ghosh Milk Shop

Noni Gopal Ghosh Milk Shop is very popular in old Dhaka. Milk and Malai is amazing testy and original. If you go to Nawabpur than must be try to drink that milk. Continue reading »

Hoseni Dalan

Dec 10, 2012

hussaini dalan dhaka Hoseni Dalan

Hoseni Dalan, also spelt Husaini Dalan, is a Shia shrine in the old part of the Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was built in the 17th century during the Mughal Period. Continue reading »

Gawsia Snacks Corner

Jul 16, 2013

newmarket snacks corner Gawsia Snacks CornerDhaka is known for its local snack foods at every street corner with an endless selection to choose from: Samosas, Fuchka, fried chicken¬† and chotpoti are just to name a few delicacies that are indulged on, in the evening in Dhaka. Continue reading »