Alam vai ar jhal muri


Jhalmuri- A traditional Bengali snack, Jahlmuri starts with puffed rice. Like most street foods, there’s no set recipe, each chef will make this favourite their own. The most traditional additions are vegetables (onion, potato, chick peas, cucumber), spices (masala powder, coriander, ginger, salt), peanuts, mustard oil and lime juice. Alam ar Jhalmuri is popular jhalmuri shop at Shabugh Area.

alam vai er zhal muri vorta1 Alam vai ar jhal muri

alam vai special jhal muri vorta Alam vai ar jhal muri

Jhalmuri is often served in a paper cone. Eat it with a fork or spoon if you must, but like most snacks, it tastes better if you use your fingers. One of the best jhalmuri experiences is at the Harvard of Bangladesh called “Dhaka University”. This snack is sold at any of the gate entrances of Dhaka universities and is enjoyed by some 100,000 students and locals alike.

alam vai er special muri vorta  Alam vai ar jhal muri