Alauddin Sweetmeat Shop


For ages it is our culture to treat people/guests with sweets during happy moments. Only hundred years’ back from now the custom was to prepare the delicacy at home at any religious or social event.

sweetmeat shops Alauddin Sweetmeat Shop

Back then sweetmeat shops were very limited. Most of the misti karigors or Moyra at that time came from Hindu families. In Dhaka during the end of British rule there were some mishti ferrywallahs. Halwa and morobba was the most popular treats. Mishti sellers were known as ‘Halwaiwallah’.

alauddin sweetmeat Alauddin Sweetmeat Shop

Around 1885 to 1890 Mother Boksho and Alauddin came to Dhaka from Lakhnow, India (Dhaka Pachas Baras Pahle by Hakim Habibur Rahman, translated by Hashem Sufi). They opened sweetmeat shops in Chakbazar of Dhaka. They introduced Hindustani mishti to Bangladesh. Kalachad appeared in the scene before 1947.

alauddin sweetmeat ltd Alauddin Sweetmeat Shop

Back then, main ingredient of Bangali mishti was chhana. Boksho and Alauddin introduced maaoa. The most popular mishti at that time was Chondropuli. Back then shaal leaves were used instead of packets. Relatives used to visit with specially designed clay pots full of sweets.


Alauddin Sweetmeat Shop Located At Chak Bazar Mor.