Azimpur Dayera Sharif


Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Mohammad Dayem was one of the most prominent Sufi Saint of his time. He came into the lime light in the Eighteenth century. He was one of the few Saints of high order in Bangladesh and the Indian sub-continent.

Azimpur Daira Sharif Mosque  Azimpur Dayera Sharif

The famous historical shrine of ‘Dayera Sharif’ situated at Azimpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh, was founded by him for his continuous religious, spiritual, and humanitarian services to the mankind. It was recorded that, from the paternal side, Sufi Syed Mohammed Dayem is the descendant of Hazrat Ali the fourth Caliph of Islam ; I.e. Alwi Syed and his wife was the descendant of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique, his fore-father Hazrat Bakhtiar Mahi Sawar, the leader of Baro Awlia (Leader of 12 Saints delegation), who happened to be grandson of the Gausul Azam Hazrat Sheikh Syed Mahiuddin Abdul Qadir Jillani popularly known as “Baro Peer Shaheb” I.e. Gausul Arab and Gausul Azam.

Daira Sharif Dhaka Azimpur Dayera Sharif

Azimpur Daira Sharif Dhaka Azimpur Dayera Sharif

Azimpur Daira Sharif Azimpur Dayera Sharif

Daira Sharif Azimpur  Azimpur Dayera Sharif

Azimpur Daira Sharif Dhaka1 Azimpur Dayera Sharif