Azimpur Graveyard


Thousands of people throng the graveyard to pray and show love to their deceased relatives and friends specially on the major festivals. Some of them place flowers, flower wreaths,bouquets and flower petals and foliage on the grave site of their beloved persons.

azimpur old graveyard Azimpur Graveyard

They also place incense and agar sticks.In the night candles are lit by some too.They pray for the deceased peoples. Some carry religious books to recite.Some pious peoples are around to recite and leading prayers. The atmosphere of the graveyard becomes very sacred and solemn during this time.

biggest graveyard Azimpur Graveyard

The graveyard may be compared with a managed garden where lots of flower and ornamental plants are planted by the relatives of the departed peoples.Besides many forms of insects particularly wonderful butterflies,bees and bugs are seen in plenty there.Birds also visit the place to add to the beauty.

azimpur graveyard dhaka Azimpur Graveyard

dhaka graveyards Azimpur Graveyard

Opening Times

6AM – 11PM


Azimpur Old graveyard. Azmipur Dhaka-1205