It is the most famous and common ruti in old Dhaka. As it is so dry local people called it ‘Sukha Ruti’. It tastes salty.

Generally it is eaten with tea and sweets. This ruti is generally made of white flour, mawa, dalda, salt, soyabin oil, ghee, milk etc. First Bakarkhaniwala (Bread-maker) mixed all the ingredients, then they give the shape of Bakarkhani ruti and take this to the Tandoor(Oven) to bake it. There are different flavored Bakarkhani in old Dhaka. They are Cheese Bakarkhani, Ghee Bakarkhani, and salty Bakarkhani etc. As Bakarkhani is a famous and common ruti in old Dhaka it is found almost all the place of Old Dhaka. A single piece of Bakarkhani cost about 2 to 25 taka.

Dhakai bakarkhani  Bakarkhani

Bakarkhani Bakarkhani