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Brahmo Samaj is the societal component of Brahmoism, a monotheistic reformist and renaissance movement of Hindu religion.
Brahmo Samaj is a society of intellectuals that started in 1828 by eminent social activist Raja Rammohon Roy and the highly decorated Debendranath Tagore. Though East Bengal was a backward region with high illiteracy rate, within 18 years of its inception the movement spread towards East Bengal. The core beliefs of Brahmo Samaj are closely associated with monotheistic reformation and nineteenth century renaissance movement of Hindu religion.
In this region, the first Brahmo Samaj worship took place in eastern Shankhari Bazaar of Dhaka in 1846. The initiative was taken by Brajosundar Mitra. His residence was located in Armanitola, and from his biography we come to find out the key figures behind the first Brahmo Samaj ceremony. It was aided by the following individuals; Nabab Abdul Ghani, district judge Abhoykumar Dutta, Armenian landlord Herney Pogoz, Moulobi Abdul Aziz and Deputy Magistrate Ramshankar Sen.

brahmo samaj Bangladesh Brahmo Samaj
People from different religions came together to make the first ceremony of Brahmo Samaj in Bangladesh. Apart from Brajosundar Mitra, other key figures of this society were Yadav Chandra Basu, Govinda Chandra Basu, Bishwambhar Das, Norottam Das.

The small ceremony at Brajashondor Mitra’s house later expanded and became known as “East Bengal Brahmo Samaj”. After Bangladesh became Independent the society came to be known as “Bangladesh Brahmo Samaj”.
Brahmo Samaj has always been a place for freethinkers, intellectuals and the elite of the society. Some of the more famous members of this society are Debendranath Tagore, Brahmonanda Keshab Chanra Sen, Aghar Nath Gupta and Bijay Krishna Goswami, Pandit Shibnath Shastri and the most famous member of all, the incomparable Rabindranath Tagore.

bramho shomaj dhaka Bangladesh Brahmo Samaj
brahmo samaj dhaka Bangladesh Brahmo Samaj

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