Bon Sik


Shik kabab is one of the mouth watering food items of Old Dhaka. It is sarved with Bon ruti. Shik Kabab has a delicious smell that attracts people to eat it. The kabab maker use meat, elachi pest, ganger pest, flour of peas (beson), oil and salt to produce this kabab. First they mixed all ingredients with meat, and then they make hole in each piece of meat and put it in a skewer (Shik) to grill the meat. As kabab maker use skewer or spit to grill this kabab people called this ‘Shik kabab’.

sikh kabab with bon Bon Sik


kabab bon Bon Sik


seekh kabab with bon Bon Sik

Opening Times – 6pm to 8pm


162 Lalbagh road