Charukola Fried Chicken Shop


Charukola Fried Chicken Shop is very popular for small fried chicken. The good part about this fried chicken is that it is extremely scrumptious and, not to mention the spice is really hot. It will simply make your mouth water at the very sight and smell of it. Though, at nowadays you might accidentally get a breadbasket slip at night time, but there are always exceptions to be prefab when it comes to pleasing, but not completely healthful matter.

charukola fried chicken dhaka Charukola Fried Chicken Shop
In addition, some times one might accidentally find a chicken bone or two while eating a chicken and realize later that they have been chewing on that bone, assuming it was meat. This is a food delusion, which makes one think that it pretty much tastes like the meat itself! Drrobro, a student of Charukala says, “It has happened to me so many times. I was so hungry that I bought 10 pieces of chicken and by the time I got to the eighth piece I was biting on the bones and I figured out later that it was only covered with the coating and had no meat in it. But even that bone was so juicy and spicy!

charukola fried chicken shop Charukola Fried Chicken Shop
charukola steet fried chicken Charukola Fried Chicken Shop