Chawk Bazaar


Chawk Bazaar is a well known bazaar in Lalbagh, Old Dhaka, Bangladesh. It dates back to the Mughal period.

Chowk Bazaar was one of the most famous business and social meeting centers of Dhaka in the Mughal period. Even after 400 years it is still famous as before. It is one of Dhaka’s old town market and it formed in the place where other old markets once were. King Maan Singh protested for the country on behalf of Mugal kingdom. In 1602 he transferred the head office in Bawal to the present Central Prison and also the Mughal Durgo, that’s how Chowk Bazaar formed.

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Within Chowk Bazaar, Islam Kha constructed a Fort during the 17th century, which lasted till 1772. After that the central Jail was established over this Fort. It was believed that sometimes the guilty condemned prisoners were used to hang to death on the center of the Chowk Bazaar plaza. There was a setup for performing the Prosecution process within the Chowk Bazaar field, by the Central Jail authorities. Raia Bazaar was to be removed and prison was supposed to be placed which would be a problem for people living there. In 1917, Patrick Gaddes said the same. He was told to submit Dhaka Government proposal of Development. He asked for the removal of the prison from Chowk Bazaar, still the same proposal is going on. At the beginning of 19th century, it was still the same, during Ramadan it is very crowded because of the mogli food available there. From first day of Ramadan people always comes here. Mohoram Akra wrestlers and others showed amazing sword and fighting acts. They used to come from villages and showed this acts all night long but all this seem to have disappeared now.

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Nazir Hossain said that before getting marriage, bridegrooms went around Chowk Bazaar. Some went around once, five times seven times etc. All this made Chowk Bazaar filled with fun and celebrations. If they didn’t go to give salaam their wedding would seem incomplete. Even now old Dhaka locals go around Chowk Bazaar but this tradition might become extinct in the future.

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