Deshi Dosh


With a very attractive name it is a combined effort of 10 local companies to promote the culture and clothes of Bangladesh.

deshi dosh fashion house dhaka Deshi Dosh

Deshal, Nipun, Rang, Banglar Mela, Bibiana, Shadakalo, Anjans, Probortona, Nagardola and Kay Kraft altogether are this Deshi Dosh. Maintaining a harmony with others each stall remains unique. All of them displays their own product. The first site of this exclusive ‘deshi’ products was at the Bashundhara City Mall, then it opened the second site at Hotel Ruposhi Bangla. People who are in to our country’s own products should visit Deshi Dosh. This is a perfect zone to shop for male and female of all ages.

deshi dosh fashion house Deshi Dosh

Deshi Dosh Bangladesh Deshi Dosh

deshi dosh dhaka Deshi Dosh

desi dosh Deshi Dosh


Deshi Dosh,
Block-A, level-7,
Boshundhora Shopping Complex,
Panthopath, Dhaka.