Dhaka Christian Cemetery


The Christian Cemetery is situated at Wari, a district of Old Town in Dhaka. It started to go into a declining state within a few years after it was built, and it still is in ruins and wilderness.

christian cemetery dhaka Dhaka Christian Cemetery

It was developed mainly for the European traders and their families, thus most members of the East India Company lie buried there.The oldest grave there belongs to Reverend Joseph Paget, minister of calcutta, who died there in 1774 at the age of 26.

christian cemetery at narinda Dhaka Christian Cemetery
The cemetery had been in a declining state since the early 1800s as noticed by both Bishop Heber, and F.B. Bradley burt, although the decay had a more emotional romantic appeal to him.The original road layout of the cemetery has faded away with time, but it can be understood that a couple of straight roads intersected to make a path system within the network.

christian cemetery wari Dhaka Christian Cemetery

dhaka christian cemetery Dhaka Christian Cemetery

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christian cemetery Dhaka Christian Cemetery