Gol Talaab


Gol Talab or Gol Talaab (talab means tank) is a oval-shaped water tank/pond in Islampur, Old Dhaka,located immediately to the north-west of the Ahsan Manzil Palace and north of the Buriganga River. Previously it was the part of Nabab Bari Area (Complex). It was the pond of Ahsan Manzil. What we see today, the Nabab Bari area has The Main Ahsan Manzil, Andur Mahal, A small Khachari type building, Open courtyard in front & behind. But It was much more bigger than todays. It covered around 1 Square Km area. We see Nabab Bari Gate. It was the main gate & it was the last boundary. Gol Talaab & its surrounding area was also included.

gol talab Gol Talaab

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gol talaab Gol Talaab