Madhur Canteen


Madhur Canteen (meaning Madhu’s canteen) is a familiar name in the history of Dhaka University and as well as the history of national politics of Bangladesh. Mainly form the late 40‘s and the Madhur canteen as a place has been associated with many national movements that originated from Dhaka university.

dhaka university madhur canteen Madhur Canteen

Many renowned writers, social workers, political leaders have passed significant amount of time conglomerating together in that place. However the present look of the canteen came in 1967 when the canteen was shifted to the presently existing old structure formerly used as Durbar Hall or Conference halls of the Dhaka Nawabs.

madhur canteen sweets Madhur Canteen

Modhushudon Chndra or Modhu is also equally important in socio-political history of the region who was killed on 25 March 1971 just at the early moments of the Liberation War of Bangladesh.

mhoushudan de modhu Madhur Canteen

Even after Modhu’s death the place not only as a canteen but also as a place of gathering and happenings, remains a significant landmark in the history of the country. The present building also has important archite®ctural and heritage value.Madhur Canteen offers a variety of food including shingara, tea, vegetable rolls, bread, omelet, sweets at a low price. The canteen has always been famous for its sweets.