Midford Perfume Market


Meandering through the lanes of Armanitola and Mitford of Old Dhaka one’s olfactory nerves will be tantalised from a strong and somewhat pungent smell emanating from a variety of perfume and chemical shops.

The overpowering aroma, which originates from a blend of perfumes, would make someone wobbly if she is not a frequenter to this place.

Rows of shops on the both sides of the narrow lanes will offer tempting fragrance to allure the passers-by stepping into their territory oblivious to the fact.

fragrance and perfume in dhaka Midford Perfume Market

Once caught by the smell she has to look around and find chains of perfumery outlets with big glass cabinets where bottles are stacked in neat rows.

From the cluster of shops the sight of Ottis Perfumery House catches attention for its roominess with antique looks, which was the trailblazer in perfume business in Old Dhaka.

midford perfume shop dhaka Midford Perfume Market
dhaka perfume and chemical shops Midford Perfume Market