Shahbaz Khan Mosque


Shahbaz Khan Mosque is a historic mosque situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
History: A merchant of prince of Dhaka who built the mosque as well as his own Dargah Sharif during his lifetime in – 1086 (h).It is an Islamic architecture. Now its present condition is good. Shahbaz Khan Mosque situated in the old high court area. In 1950 the Eastern circle of the Pakistan Directorate of Archaeology took over both the Haji khwaja Shahbaj Masjid, and the adjacent square mazart.

historic mosque in dhaka Shahbaz Khan Mosque

Shah baz khan built mazar,post. This mosque and tomb, constructed in 1679 by Haji khwaja Shahbaz, a rich merchant of Dhaka, remains the city’s most refined mosque.

hojrot haji kaza shabaz rah Shahbaz Khan Mosque

dhaka shahbaz khan mosque Shahbaz Khan Mosque

shahbaz khan mosque dhaka Shahbaz Khan Mosque